Thursday, 8 December 2016

Avoid Exotic Blackjack Variants

Blackjack is played in all live casino Malaysia. The rules in each place differ a little bit but blackjack games in any of these places have titular house edges. Live casino Malaysia offer blackjack games that really mirror the rules of those offered in live casinos. But they also offer variants that are never played in live casino Malaysia. These variants offer some inventive and alluring changes that not only show to offer the player a super benefit but are actually quite fun as well. Therefore new blackjack players often make these blackjack variants their predominant diet. Yet in these variants some of the usual rules are tagged so as to take away the obvious benefits and in the net the player is a loser. In live casino Malaysia, the first game is Blackjack Switch. In this variant the player plays with two hands. He has the choices of switching the second card dealt in each hand. For instance in one hand the first card dealt is 7 and the second card 9. This gives an amount of 16 which is not that good to stand on and depressed to hit. Besides, the player has 10 for the first card and 2 for the second. This is depressed to stand on and not too good for a beat as the chances of busting are important. Suppose the player makes the switch. His first hand becomes 7 and 2. This is good for a beat as the probably of reaching a total of 19 is very high. The second hand becomes 10 and 9, which is perfect for standing. Therefore the value of being allowed to switch cannot be fail. But there is a price to pay in the fine print. If the dealer reaches 22, he does not bust but the hand is a push. This alone cut down the player's benefits by a whopping 10%. A player's blackjack does not pay the usual 3 to 2 but only even money, further demote the advantage by 2%. Besides, the second game is Double Exposure. In this game both the dealer's cards are dealt face up. Therefore the player's target is clear. Usually a player will never beat on a 17. But if the dealer has 18 then rather than lose tally the player has to take the extra chance and go for a hit. This benefit is negate by changes in two of the normal rules. Thus if players want the excitement of such alluring blackjack games they must by choice to play for free and not with real money. If they want to play with real money than they have to play hardly with small bankrolls.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Finding good accidental from Highway King slot game

To carry in profitable networks potential wild and good-looking, Highway King slot game offers extra features. Coming to Highway king slot, you will make friends with huge trucks and their parts as well as the thrilling races. Even now I do not distinguish the number of this kind of game has been industrialized to produce, but surely they are quite global excellent. It’s really easy to appreciate the delightful sites on the Internet a day video ready, you can earn enormous amounts of cash.
Ways to find accidental from Highway King slot game
What do you think fired, absolutely want to get the attention of famous formula, depended on capital and interesting online video games? No hesitation you may have to wait as our report will provide all the information and potential solutions to your questions as simple as you possibly can. Finally, we study the Highway King slot game and great efficiency, which provides stretch after looking a good opportunity to make the position of income.
This is a different method of thinking and easy game that can make it common. It will not consider you a lot of time, so that you can have such an understanding of the slot and you can start to enjoy them absolutely.
The second player to try a variety of video games on the network do not have cash, but significant achievement. These games are scams, and nothing to display for the reality that the Malaysia. You will need to deal with waste their cash and time.
Highway Kings’ auto play mode is put under “Menu.” You have the selection of simply entering the number of turns. You can also put the arrows on the left to expand the autoplay feature.
You can set the stop settings of: Jackpot win, single win more than $99,999, overall Win more than (more than $999,999) and overall loss more than (more than $999,999). You can also set the delay between turns to speed up the auto play. Auto play can be cancelled at any time by spending the “X” button.
Highways Jackpot game
However, in fact the jackpot in slot game Highway King is fundamentally progressive, and it is shown through Dollar Ball feature. Scoring system is depended on the same values as the other sports in the Playtech. We put deposit $ 1, select 5 digits from 49 and cherished and press the button. If matched al 5, you can get up to 10000 coins. And your amount of money will be calculated by multiplier 10000 with the size of coins you have chosen before starting. So, the more you wager, the more money you get. The second prize is 5000 coins for 5 yellow trucks, and you will earn 1000 coins for 5 green trucks as well as pistons, wheels and tires.
Conclusion for the Highway King slot
It is not by chance when Highway King slot is one of the most favorite played slots at online casinos. With greats it brings from progressive jackpot to huge winning payouts together with thrill feeling, you should try it at casino online  Malaysia right now!
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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Playtech stocks fall after Malaysia prevents Online Casino websites

Internet gambling is big business all around the globe, even in regions where the activity is expressly baned by law. In Malaysia, playing casino game over the ‘net is a crime, though that hasn’t stopped innumerable users from logging on, making deposits and playing online blackjack, slots and other gambling amusements. In an effort to fortify its stance against the activity, the Malaysian government prevented 170 iGaming websites this week, sending Playtech shares into a downward spiral.
Playtech is a leading developer of internet gambling software, producing everything from online blackjack and slots games to poker, bingo and sports betting platforms. Playtech is currently the greatest supplier of iGaming software in the entire industry. According to CasinoCity’s online gaming analysts, Playtech powers 299 Malaysia online betting websites, making up 9% of the world wide web’s 3,294 known operators.

Playtech’s financial reports for the first half of 2014 showed revenue of €212.4 million, only 35% of which came from controld online gambling markets. The other 65% was generated from uncontrold markets like Malaysia, where online blackjack and other types of Malaysia online betting websites are either illegal or not expressly allowd by law.

Considering Malaysia’s crackdown on illegal online gambling Malaysia, combined with the UK Gambling Commission’s current implementation of a license necessity   and POC tax in order to accept UK bettors, industry analysts are certain that more authorities will impose similar regulations and preventages in the near future. With that said, if Playtech loses even half of its customers in uncontrold markets, the results could be devastating.

Bettors in Malaysia are abused by the injunction as well. The plurality of the country’s population is Muslim, who are generally known to shy away from such activities as online gambling Malaysia. While it’s not publically accepted, there are still innumerable Malaysians that like to wager. There is only one brick-and-mortar casino allowd to operate in Malaysia, and due to the outward view of most citizens, it caters mostly to affluent tourists, leaving residents of the country with little other choice than to spend their gambling dollars on the internet.

What’s upset online blackjack fans in particular is the reality that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) keeps making alarmist statements on the matter. Earlier this week, the Chairman of the MCMC stated that Malaysia online betting websites are nothing more than crooks looking to steal the financial details of account holders. While some iGaming sites are rogue operators with duplicitous intentions, the plurality of them – containing every single one that made the list of 170 preventages – are reputable, legally licensed websites controld by other authorities.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Malaysia online casino list – the best Malaysian casinos to pla

Malaysia Online Casino List – The Best Casinos To Play:


1. List of Available Live Games

• Sports betting

2. Transactions

Depositing and withdrawing funds into Dafabet has been fairly good for players. While players do not face any serious issue, like missing transactions or human errors, cashing out remains a tedious wait. Granted, Dafabet is a big branch and their transactions number must be immense. Nevertheless, people will expect a little bit more manpower allocated to such integral parts of the users’ experience.

3. Bonuses

This one on the Malaysia online casino list provides the usual initial deposit promotions and refers a friend promotion. While there is nothing to write home about, I discovered that there is a promotion adequate to engage players.

4. Customer Service

My experience with the customer service of Dafabet is rather mixed. While players enjoy chatting with the helpful and friendly representatives of their customer service, it was a pain trying to reach them because it took some small efforts to track down and find out how to contact them. Even then, it would take a while before players manage to get a hold of a human to help them. Despite that, players would be satisfied with the experience in general, understanding that gaming websites are typically flooded with customer support requests, usually inane.

5. Software

This is where Dafabet shines. Dafabet has extremely intuitive gaming software with a sleek, clean interface. Buttons are well-placed so that players are rarely confused with functions. Players’ experience would be positive: players will have a pleasant experience playing on software offered by this one on the Malaysia online casino list.


1. List of Available Sports Betting And Live Casino Games at

• Slots
• Sic bo
• Lottery
• Baccarat
• Casino Hold'em
• Keno
• Blackjack
• Poker
• Sports betting
• Roulette
• iLotto

2. Transactions

Withdrawals and deposits on are fast, as expected of a 4-star sports betting and online casino website. During my tests, my deposits took as long as just a few minutes for being verified, and I was soon spinning in this live casino and making bets in the sportsbook. Withdrawals are also no slouch. Upon my request, my withdrawals were quickly processed by W88 and I received my winnings without facing any problem.

3. Bonuses

This one on the Malaysia online casino list is rather generous with their promotions. As you register for the first time to this sports betting and online casino site, you are provided with 2 bonus choices to choose from — a 20% first deposit promotion, or a bigger one of 100% first deposit. Both bonuses are provided with different terms & conditions to fit the sports betting online and online gaming needs of players better.
W88 also runs various other bonuses. As of writing, it is running an iPhone5 giveaway. This is certainly worthy of a 4-star sports betting and online casino malaysia website.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Online betting Malaysia has never been better

You can change the course of your life from the comfort of your home by betting online. All you need to do is work smart by betting in Malaysia. Online sports betting Malaysia gives you an opportunity to change your fortune by betting online and putting your stakes where you heart feels you will win. With a simple click and calculated decision, you can change your financial status. Here are other reasons why you should consider football betting online Malaysia.
Malaysia football betting - easy to use and safe for you
Soccer betting online is as simple as it should be. If you know the background of the game and how it is played, all you need to do is transfer that knowledge to your computer. The malaysia sports betting platform is a replica of the normal betting table you just get to play it within the comfort of your home. Football betting online Malaysia website is safe in every way. The company uses a foul proof financial safeguarding platform that ensures that you finances and your bets are safe. All you need to do is keep you log in credentials confidential.

Redeem bonuses and rewards betting online in Malaysia
It is not just about luck. These are guaranteed benefits that will certainly come your way. There are other benefits such as bonuses and rewards that you get to enjoy while doing online sports betting in malaysia. You can bet with the funds deposited in your account and win a lot of money. This way, you will have made your money without putting anything to it. All you need is an account. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. There are numerous rewards that would come your way for being part of the team.
Many football betting opportunities online!
The good thing with Malaysia sports betting is that it is interesting. It is more like a game that is played and enjoyed. There are many interesting betting opportunities online in football betting online Malaysia website. You are not restricted to the traditional table games. You have an opportunity to play many other creative and captivating games that you enjoy as much as you win. The versatility in the online betting site platform offers the opportunity to enjoy more with better games.
Better odds at betting website Malaysia
Good odds is always good for the game. The better the odds the more interesting the games and the more money you are likely to make. One thing about online betting is that it always has better odd. The platform is not restricted to the possibilities. You have a chance to play safe or play hard and make good money with good odds. The odds are clearly in favor of the players because the cost of operating the business is significantly reduced.
If you have been running out of luck, you just struck luck through the many advantages of online betting. This is a platform with many winners and being a winner has never been this easy and interesting. Forget the nervous feelings that you may have always have, you are at a better chance getting a win from this betting platform than you have ever been. Betting has never been better. You get to do it anywhere, wherever you want, and be more likely to win.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Benefits of Free Play Monkey Thunderbolt on Scr888

The casino games have become quite popular these days because the internet casino games such as Monkey Thunderbolt scr888 free play makes casino gaming industry with new revolutionary. The Internet games have become available for free also means that people can enjoy playing casino games even without any investment at all.
In Malaysia, it is really becoming popular because people used to dream of the perfect platform, where they can play casino games, but they can not get exactly what they are looking for. Scr888 popular casino games worldwide. You can play it on the internet easily without any requirement of actual investment. And most importantly, you'll also get the privilege to play it in the equipment you have because you get the opportunity to download free software to play for your computer and your applications for all your device so that you can enjoy playing casino games whenever you want to!
Initially, Malaysia is where prized rose free to play Monkey Thunderbolt Scr888 chance but now thousands of people worldwide became its appreciator.

What are you waiting for? If you want to know more about it then all you have to do is just visit, the official website of the Thunderbolt Scr888 Monkey, and start availing the advantage of it! There is so much to explore, so do not hesitate to give it a try. It's free!
Game Description
See a magical race between the fastest monkeys that the world has ever seen before. Set in ancient China, the game describes the race for supremacy, which was once the most popular events in the world. Six Monkey Thunderbolt racing for the title. The adventure filled with danger, and only the strongest will survive monkeys. The game is in multiplayer mode, for an hour, and with each race taking place every 2 minutes.
Select the value for money, by clicking on a chip on the right side of the screen. Place your bets on your favorite monkey. Combination bets available (if you want to bet combination will bring monkey1 ended 2nd and will finish Monkey3 1, then you have to bet on row3, column1). Customers locate 1, while No. 2 column, from the region combined bets. After completing your bet, you can go and watch the race.
Browse the SCR 888 casino games and make sure you win the bonus really. It even does not matter what you are using, a system smart phone or computer, because it is entirely up to any of them. Though now you should do is follow a simple link and learn as much as possible about SCR888 Malaysia and start to experience your own personal without any hesitation. This is an opportunity to win a large amount of cash to play Free SCR888 investment and no effort. Simply be careful and take care of the way you bet on casino games like online SCR888 Thunderbold monkey, because there are so many other people online who use the same table bet you are using. SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt is definitely the solution you've been looking for a very long time, check out the website and simply enjoy.
Monkey Thunderbolt does not simply rely on the judgment, but it also depends on your luck, if you want entertainment without outside participation in the online casino game really is a best choice. Join now to have more chance of winning.
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Why Mini Roulette is the best for players on scr888 free download casino?

One of gaming's most well recognized in the version scr888 download is a casino game Roulette online which not only provides players with gambling games that attract larger but it has also been modified for easy game to get a head start with a choice of scr888 game free play and variations in each different roulette game online casinos. Although Roulette game somehow known as quite complex bets to play and the possibility Wining is a unique entertainment. Therefore, this type of casino games like Roulette can affect new players and try to choose more easily than others. In addition, to stimulate more players to bet on a new generation of this type of game, a lot of sites online casinos and create Mini-Roulette to meet the growing demands of this new generation of players around the world.

How roulette mini game works: In addition to explaining how the mini roulette has offered to players, it will be easier to explain that the real game of roulette simplified normal mode. Which would contain only 12 numbers on a roulette table and wheel. The player does not need to think about betting complicated or advance to try as it is in the same roulette game. Therefore, it is widely advised beginners to choose and try this type of roulette instead of together. In addition, players can choose to place only for straight bets, bet high or low or red or black bets and dozen bets. Moreover, when the game has been created with only 12 numbers and excluded all bets complex of the game, then the chances of victory for the players will be a bit better, while a relatively small payment. However, as soon as the players adjust to this kind of mini roulette game, then he can start playing regular roulette easier.
What are the benefits novice can get from playing mini roulette game? : As stated previously that the normal roulette game is certainly more complex than this mini roulette. For example, changes in the normal roulette bet would be either the number 35 or 36 numbers on the table and the wheel is somehow difficult for new players to get started and have a better understanding of how to win the game. Instead, mini roulette will only be limiting to 12 the number and provide for an easy bet to try to play. Then, a new player can use this mini roulette game as a guide on how to bet and win before trying the usual roulette game that is much more complicated but more payments.
In addition to the game play easy, because the game has been designed with 12 numbers and all bets complex were excluded. If a player has played in the long run, the frequency of winning will be greater than usual roulette game for sure.
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